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HI ALLIANCE was born in November 2011 with the purpose of serving as a business bridge from Asia to America and Africa. We are allies of factories and wholesale clients, we seek a long-term business relationship based on trust and commitment.

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End Users

Our distribution partners and customers

From the beginning we have visualized ourselves as strategic allies rather than suppliers. Strategic allies more than suppliers, that is why we have built with our customers a close relationship and teamwork, to efficiently bring to the market the right products, to the target segment of final consumers.

Uniting the world

Business is an excellent pretext to unite countries, we respect the diversity of beliefs and ideologies, with our work we have managed to interact with various cultures and give them the valuable recognition they deserve. We are sure that we are all one, every day we put our positive quota and strive to improve the world.

Our product portfolio

Over the years we have developed several product categories due to the needs of our customers and market opportunities, taking into account global trends and constant market dynamics. China and Vietnam are the factory of the world, that is why we have the facility to offer new lines and alternatives for our partners.


“HI ALLIANCE has been for years our partner in China, they have accompanied us in the negotiation strategy with the factories, in production, quality control, logistics and local after sales service.”

The household appliances of our brand have a great support and we are aware of the great potential to continue expanding the portfolio.

Julián Álvarez
“We have found in HI ALLIANCE a strategic business partner as a manufacturer of several of our own branded products.”

We have been able to launch innovative products to the market even before the traditional brands with great agility. On several occasions our buyers have been able to share in China with their managers, visiting factories and fairs, learning from them and getting a clearer view of the opportunities.

Maria Fernanda Zuluaga
Home & Entertainment Manager GRUPO EXITO
“We have been building a business relationship for more than a decade that has turned into a friendship.”

always under the framework of respect and demanding compliance with the quality standards of our company. We count on HI ALLIANCE as an ally for the development of innovative products that meet market objectives in terms of price, quality and support.

David Patiño
Commercial Manager ALKOMPRAR Corbeta Alkosto

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