About us

About us


Our business idea was born from a passion for travel and especially for the Asian continent, where China represents an example of progress in the economy, offering many opportunities to transform emerging markets such as Latin America and Africa.

In our DNA is embedded the intention to generate profitability through a positive impact on the products and services we offer. We are aware of the importance of fair trade, of generating value throughout the supply chain where we all benefit.


Use the international business platform to link Asia with emerging markets in the Americas and Africa, both economically and culturally.


To generate a positive impact on people, the environment and animals through business, with the intention of collaborating with the common good, where everyone in the value chain wins.

Innovation without limits

We love to be the first to market with the latest product innovations. Time to market is essential to position brands and generate consumer positioning.

Global Location

China has been our home base for more than a decade. The cities of Hong Kong and Shenzhen have welcomed us with open arms to inspire us in business development and have taught us to dream big. Also for the last seven years, the United States and the city of Miami have welcomed us in an exceptional way, to open up the North American market and to facilitate our relationship with Latin America.

Efficiency and Quality

We have kept a light structure to operate and thus offer excellent prices while maintaining as a priority the quality of the products we manufacture in origin. We also offer warranties and local after-sales support in each of the countries where our products are distributed.

Strategic Connections

Partnerships with our suppliers, customers, distributors and even third parties involved in special projects come together to create a dynamic business ecosystem.
to create a dynamic business ecosystem.

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Our history in product development

November 2011

Since our birth as a company we started the conceptual process of business opportunities, giving priority to the needs of retail customers to develop their own brands as a negotiation strategy with their traditional brand suppliers.

October 2012

Officially shipped the first container of private label products in the sports category, sold with great success on an internet platform in Colombia. In addition, promotional products began to represent a large portion of sales, aligned with customers’ commercial calendars.

February 2013

The SUEH sports and outdoors and hiQ technology gadgets brands were born as a sales strategy in South America, with a portfolio of innovative products within the economic reach of the majority of people at the base of the pyramid.

November 2014

We started manufacturing products in the Audio & Video category for two Retail clients’ own brands, which were distributed in more than 300 stores nationwide.

April 2015

At the request of our retail customers, we started manufacturing products for small household appliances, white goods and large household appliances. Since then we have specialized in high quality products, competitive prices and implemented a unique after-sales service model as a guarantee of our work.

April 2020

Due to the global pandemic situation, we were able to complement our product portfolio, focusing on the well-being of people and improving the quality of life of households in all our categories.

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